Celebrity Endorsements

Radio 2’s Kenny and Accalia discuss the celeb sideline of endorsing anything and everything
Tuesday , 26 July 2011
Celebrity Endorsements
Megan Fox

Megan Fox recently
popped in the capital to launch LG’s 3D TVs and Paris Hilton was paid to attend
a party for an hour at OKKU. It’s nice work if you can get it, but is there
something intrinsically wrong with the rest of us ifwe feel  something has more value with a celebs nod of
approval (or even vague – but not remotely interested – association)?  Two of our favourite DJs Kenny and
Accalia duiscuss...

He says: Megan Fox and Paris Hilton are among the celebs that have visited the
UAE lately. Why? They’re dropping by to grab big fat cheques for peddling
products to the great unwashed... that's us by the way.

I don’t get why the latest lot of celebrity endorsers is doing so well – but
I’m guessing there’s a bigwig sitting on bales of cash in a penthouse somewhere
who could shed a little light on why we’re so enthralled by the rich and famous
that we’ll bolt to the nearest makeup counter, clothing boutique or grocery
store to buy a facial cleanser, milk shake or pair of shoes we’ve seen a hotel
heiress wearing.

Normally celebs who are asked to endorse products are actors or athletes who
have made a name for themselves by doing something positive, triumphant or for
the greater good. If they fall from grace by doing naughty things those
endorsement deals go the way of the dodo. I won’t mention names but one starts
with “T” and ends with “iger Woods”.

It may not work like that any more. Look at the celebs rolling into this
country:  Megan Fox – a numb skull who bad-mouthed the director who put
her on the map… not to mention that she’s got weird thumbs; Paris Hilton –
notorious video and a rich daddy.

Do we really need to look to people like these to tell us what to wear, where
to party and how to eat?  The answer...

YES! And where I come from, if we didn’t have celebrities we wouldn’t even know
who to vote for!

She says: Celebrity endorsements can be very
successful. Celebrities are the living, breathing credibility that
advertisers seek in order to grab a fan’s attention – and wallet. When
it works, it’s a handsome handshake for all involved. For us, Joe Public,
purchasing an endorsed product is considered a status symbol. It seems
that we crave a connection to the famous and need to buy some of their magic.

But some celebs just can’t seem to get it right – I mean what
were they were thinking? Take Jessica Simpson and her chosen product,
Hairdo. Hairdo apparently offers us a way to get her exact hair style with
cheap clip-in hair pieces. There is even a video… but, unfortunately, the
before and after demonstrations show us why bargain-bin extensions are no
replacement for the designer hairstyles that celebrities like Jessica Simpson
can afford.

Not to mention some truly inappropriate endorsements. In 2004 the
Olsen twins featured in an ad for Got Milk? Apparently the ‘milk moustache’ was
just for show, as it was soon revealed that that Mary-Kate Olsen was being
treated for an eating disorder. Any food or beverage advertising campaign
that employs an anorexic celebrity is surely destined to fail.

Believe it or not, Ozzy Osbourne once starred in an ad for “I Can't
Believe It's Not Butter”. Rock is officially dead. Speaking of which, one of the
strangest celebrity endorsements would have to be the Kiss Kasket, courtesy of
the glam-rock group Kiss – an actual coffin emblazoned with images of the
band and the words “Kiss forever”. The band's official website suggested that
an alternative use could be as “a giant Kiss cooler”. A what?

I was trying to remember the last time I was ever motivated to buy a
product because of a celebrity – and I couldn’t think of anything. Maybe celebs
don’t always get it right but, although my own purchases are not celebrity-driven,
I would never knock the practice. My daily drive along Sheikh Zayed Road is always
brightened by a Davidoff billboard
with the face of Lost star Josh Holloway brooding down at me. I’m sold.