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Lose 10lb in four weeks with these celebrity diet secrets...
Thursday , 29 November 2012
Bootcamp’s not pretty but it works!
Bootcamp’s not pretty but it works!
Katie works leg-friendly nude shoes
Katie works leg-friendly nude shoes
Jen is our Christmas thinspiration
Jen is our Christmas thinspiration
Madonna’s all about the Bikram. She's red-rug-ready after a sweaty workout
Madonna’s all about the Bikram. She's red-rug-ready after a sweaty workout
Just focus on the bikini, Adriana!
Just focus on the bikini, Adriana!
“Yes! I can now eat!”
“Yes! I can now eat!”

It’s Christmas party time again, which means one thing: it’s seasonal slim-down o’clock! And we’re not alone in the battle of the bulge – T’Town’s been at it all year. The Kardashians are in full-on competitive dieting mode, and even Jessica Simpson’s managed to shift a stone or two.
Hollywood nutritionist Mike Roussell explains, “Losing 10 pounds in one week usually creeps back on right away, but losing 10 pounds in one month (or even 20 pounds) typically stays lost for good. Work hard, but be smart about it.”
Here’s your four-week guide on how to do it like a celeb…

Week 1: Join Bootcamp
Celeb Role Model: Katie Holmes

The only sensible way to lose weight and keep it off is to start with some exercise. Boring, but true and great for toning up in time for your big reveal. Not quite motivated enough to go to the gym? Then do a Jessica Simpson and sign yourself up for bootcamp. Everyone from J-Lo to Kim Kardashian has done the same to ditch the pounds in record time. Plus you’ll get lots of support from your fellow boot campers. Prepare to have those pounds shouted off you!
Do It: There are lots of bootcamps running across the UAE. We signed up with Ignite and hated every minute of it, but there’s no denying you lose weight. Mostly because you’re too tired to eat once you’ve crawled home. If you live in Qatar, Bootcamp Qatar is your new BFF.
INFO: www.ignite-wellness.com, www.bootcampqatar.com.

Week 2: Eat What You’re Given
Celeb Role Model: Jen Aniston

Once you’ve started exercising, you need to focus on food to really start shifting the pounds. Too busy to cook? No problem, just get someone else to do it for you. We Middle East-dwellers have no problem outsourcing – when was the last time you washed your own car? So why not do the same with your diet like Jennifer Aniston does?
Do It: There are companies across the region who will make and deliver healthy food to your door. There is literally no easier way to lose 10lb, if you don’t cheat. Rite Bite deliver across the UAE and Qatar. They’ll plan a personalised programme for you, depending on the kind of food you like, and deliver healthy meals and snacks to your home or work.
INFO: www.right-bite.com.

Week 3: Get Sweaty
Celeb Role Model: Madonna

It’s time to ramp things up if you want to squeeze into that frock and there’s no better way to slim down than some hot yoga, otherwise known as the celeb fave, Bikram.
Do It: If you live in Dubai, sign up for Club Stretch’s 10-day Bikram challenge. The idea is to do it every day for 10 days, which is hardcore, but if this doesn’t get you in great shape for party season nothing will.
INFO: Bikram yoga 10 day beginners pass, Dhs120, Club Stretch, Al Mina Road, Satwa, www.clubstretch.ae.

Week 4: The Final Push
Celeb Role Model: Adriana Lima

Want to know how Adriana Lima gets ready for the Victoria’s Secret catwalk? It’s all about the last minute preparations. Aside from weeks of workouts and sensible eating, this angel takes her slim down one-step further by going on a nine-day liquid diet before the show. “Everybody is talking about my crazy diet,” Lima told E! after last year’s show. “I know it’s very intense but I just have an athlete’s mind. It’s not that I do crazy diets throughout the year. I just do it for this particular thing.”
Do It: It’s just one week until your big reveal, so Adriana’s full nine-day plan is out, but we can certainly give a seven-day liquid detox a go. Health and fitness website Livestrong says, “The most important part of a seven-day liquid plan is to make sure you have all the ingredients you’ll need.” So stock up on vegetables, fruits, water and any other oils or health ingredients you want to add to your diet. Flax seed and olive oil can be great additions to smoothies and juices too. Try fruits like berries, apples, peaches, bananas, oranges and kiwis. Vegetable-wise include tomatoes, carrots, celery and onions. Good luck, ladies!
INFO: Livestrong,www.livestrong.com.

Apps To Keep You On Track
Lose It:
This free app lets you look up food to track calories and track your exercise in the same app. Just input your current weight and your goal weight and start dropping those pounds.
My Fitness Pal: It takes your weight, height, goal weight and lifestyle into account before giving you recommendations. This is one of our faves.

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