Celebrity Diet Quiz

Take our quiz to find out which celebrity shares your eating habits and how they control their weight
 Pippa Middleton
Pippa Middleton
Britney Spears
Britney Spears
Kate Winslet
Kate Winslet
Victoria Beckham
Victoria Beckham

Nature or nurture? The truth about our body shapes applies as much to the leading beauties of Hollywood. They have very different diet and fitness regimes, all aimed at attaining that perfect Hollywood look. But for every leading lady, there is a different body shape too.

Take our quiz to find out which star you most resemble when it comes to your eating habits and lifestyle choices. You might be surprised to find you could have a body to match theirs too!

The Quiz

1. You’re starving and dinnertime is still two hours away. Do you:
A - Grab a burger and chips; you’ll go without a starter later?
B - Do a quick rundown of your calorie consumption so far today, and have a light but filling snack to take the edge off your appetite, like an apple?
C - Swig some miso soup and head for the gym to take your mind off your stomach?
D - Decide to have dinner early and raid the fridge for a handful of strawberries?

2. You’re invited out for a meal. What do you choose from the restaurant’s menu:
A - Southern fried chicken and chunky chips. of course!
B - Whatever you fancy – you have spent the day eating healthy low-calorie meals in preparation?
C - You choose the restaurant because it serves your favourite fat-free seaweed and lentil bake.
D - Choose nothing, but demand a plate of prawns minus dressing and a glass of water.

3. Your workout regime is suffering due to lack of time. Do you:
A - Say you will go to the gym tomorrow and have an extra large latte to give you an energy boost?
B - Run up and down the stairs a few times?
C - The gym is home from home, you always have time for it.
D - Put on high heels and go for a calorie-burning tour of the shops?

4. Your skin is looking a little lacklustre, do you:
A - Not care, what are a few zits between friends?
B - Slap on a face pack while you do the washing?
C - Immediately order a refill for your oxygen facial system?
D - Put on another layer of foundation and hide from the paparazzi?

5. Oh no, no, NO! You’ve put on a couple of kilos! Do you:
A - Starve for a day before giving in to chocolate cake by 5 0’clock?
B - Think about lowering your calorie consumption for a few days?
C - Swear to chew each mouthful of brown rice 30 times and swap a meal for a cup of bancha twig tea?
D - Order some new bathroom scales to replace the ones that are wearing out and eat nothing but edamame beans for a week?

6. You have a big night out planned, and you’re feeling a bit bloated, do you:
A - Swear you will not binge on pizza ever again. after this one?
B - Say so what, curves are in?
C - Hit the gym and sweat out any last traces of gas?
D - Cancel the evening?

7. You favourite food and drinks are:
A - Anything deep fried from the Deep South and a cold beer?
B - A cup of tea and marmite on brown toast?
C - Truthfully, a cosmopolitan and a bag of salt and vinegar crisps, but as I wouldn’t dream of damaging my body so, it has to be white tea and organic rocket?
D - Food is the enemy, I don’t have a favourite.

8. You have had a baby and need to lose a little post-birth weight. Do you:
A - Have lipo?
B - Not panic, it’ll come off naturally eventually?
C - Wear a corset until the gym has taken its toll on the fat bits?
D - By spending pregnancy eating salad leaves you never allowed the weight to go on in the first place?

9. My ideal body would be:
A - My own at 16?
B - Marilyn Monroe?
C - Lara Croft?
D - Kate Moss?

10. You can’t get into your favourite jeans, do you:
A - Cut the legs and waistband off and wear them as shorts?
B - Put them away for a skinny day and indulge yourself in a new pair?
C - Blame middle-aged spread, burn the jeans and hit the treadmill?
D - Sack the designer?

Now add up your answers and see which celebrity type you're most like.

Mostly A’s - You are Britney Spears

You may be in danger of becoming a yo-yo dieter like Britney. If you find you are constantly battling the flab take a look at what you’re eating - or not eating - and try hard to swap fried and fatty foods and snacks for healthier salads, lean meats and plenty of veg. Make sure not to starve yourself though or you will just binge later.

Mostly B’s - You are Kate Winslet

You seem in control of your diet and have a healthy body image, just like Kate Winslet. Kate simply counts calories when she wants to lose weight and never ever attempts a strict diet. She eats healthily and has a body she is proud of – beautifully curvy. Don’t change a thing if you are most like Kate – you’re a lucky girl!

Mostly C’s - You are Madonna

Your gym membership must be your most prized possession! Madge is no flake when it comes to working out, but her diet lacks variety. Unless you are happy to eat like a rabbit and have a nutritionist on hand, be careful; you may end up becoming orthorexic – that is to say you'll develop a phobic of any food not considered healthy. Try different foods and treat yourself once in a while!

Mostly D’s - You are Victoria Beckham

If you think Victoria’s style of dieting is going to be good for you, get some help immediately. Even she admits to becoming ‘obsessed’ by her pre-pregnancy weight. Remember, Posh has access to the best dieticians and nutritionists around, don’t fool yourself into thinking you can copy her without consequence. Start eating small healthy meals five times a day.

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