Celebrity date for sale

Kristin Davis auctions off tickets to Sex and the City premiere
Thursday , 13 March 2008
Celebrity date for sale

Actress KRISTIN DAVIS is raising money for charity by auctioning off two VIP tickets to the SEX AND THE CITY movie premiere in New York City.

Davis, who returns as Charlotte York in the upcoming TV series spin-off film, is offering a pair of tickets to May's premiere in an online sale on auction website eBay.

The winning bidder and a friend will have their hair and make-up professionally styled, receive a pair of Jimmy Choo shoes and accompany Davis down the red carpet at the screening.

All funds raised from the sale will go to charity Oxfam.

Davis says, "Oxfam's mission is to alleviate poverty and injustice by helping people learn skills and create lives.

"I just got back from Africa and saw firsthand that we're making a long-term difference. It gives me a sense of satisfaction."

Davis has become the latest in a long line of celebrities auctioning off movie premiere `dates' for Oxfam - Colin Firth offered one last month and Scarlett Johansson is selling off the chance to accompany her to a film premiere in 2009 on eBay right now.

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