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Celebrity Couples in Crisis

18 Sep 2014

Jessica, Gisele and Tom, and Sean and Charlize – the summer of love is over!

Charlize & Sean: On-set Tension!
Cracks are reportedly beginning to appear in the relationship between Charlize Theron and Sean Penn as they shoot their movie The Last Face in South Africa. With Sean in the director’s chair, it seems his headstrong girlfriend, who plays the film’s lead, isn’t enjoying being bossed about. 

“Sean is a different person on set,” an insider spilled. “He’s a perfectionist and it’s driving Charlize insane.” According to reports, Sean has been giving the Oscar-winning actress a rough ride, interrupting her scenes, making her do lines over and over again and complaining about her lack of passion. The source added: “Sean the director is not the man Charlize fell in love with. They have been arguing big time.” 

It’s not the first time Sean has been accused of being too controlling – his split with Scarlett Johansson in 2011 was blamed on his attempts to tell her what to do. And it seems Sean’s controlling ways have now hit a nerve with Charlize, especially given the fact that she witnessed her mother shoot her controlling and abusive father as a child. 

The Snow White and the Huntsman actress has been outspoken about the fact that she wants a man to be her equal, not her boss. “A modern man should elevate and celebrate the emerging progression of the modern woman,” she recently said. 

“These days, women are doing any and everything, and men are realising that women are able to do everything they can do.” Could she be about to call ‘cut’ on her bossy boyfriend? 

“Gisele makes Tom get up at 6am with the kids and then has him scrub the toilets”

Tom ‘Flips Out’ at Gisele
She may portray family life as perfect on her Instagram feed, but according to insiders, things are less than rosy in the Bundchen/Brady household. Speaking to Man of the World magazine, American football star Tom Brady gave a glimpse into life married to Gisele, and the picture is far from flattering. Tom threw a barbed dig at his supermodel wife, accusing her of giving him a rough ride at home. “What doesn’t she get at me for? That’s just what wives do,” he told the mag. He also revealed he has a volatile nature, admitting he can throw tantrums if he doesn’t get his way. “I like attention from her, so when I’m not getting it I let her know in immature ways, like a young, immature child would. You throw fits and you pout and you whine until you get what you want,” he said. The admission comes amid claims Gisele is super-controlling and demands the final say on everything from home decor to how their children, Benjamin, four, and Vivian, 21 months, are raised. One of Tom’s major bugbears is said to be that Gisele nags him to do chores at home. “They have housekeepers, but Gisele won’t let them do anything. She makes Tom get up at 6am with the kids and then has him scrub the toilets and clean the floors while she sleeps in. She thinks that because she gave birth, her work is done,” a mole said. 

In light of Tom’s claims, pals are wondering if he’ll finally stand up to his wife. “She throws an insane temper tantrum when things don’t go her way,” the source said. “One time, Tom didn’t do one of the chores on his list, and she berated him – even telling him that he’s a terrible role model for their children. But instead of doing what she wanted, he just took the kids and left the house. Gisele was shocked.” The insider added: “She rules Tom’s life… nobody would be surprised if he threw in the towel soon.

Tom’s left holding the baby