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Celebrity Bucket List: Cheryl Cole, Shakira, Justin Bieber & More
 Reveal Their Wishes

09 Jul 2014

Most people dream of being rich and famous, but what do the stars dream of when they’ve already ticked those boxes? Ahlan! investigates…

Cheryl Cole recently revealed that the reason she had that massive tattoo inked from her lower back to the top of her legs, covering her rear in a black and red Gothic-looking rose design, was because it was on her ‘bucket list’ (though as she described it, it began with an ‘f’ and only rhymed with bucket list, but that’s Geordies for you). “After I had malaria, I created the list, because life’s too short. The tattoo was on that list,” she told UK chat show host Graham Norton. It cost her several thousand dirhams, but she didn’t care about the money or the very real risk of regret. It got us thinking, what other mad ideas do celebs dream of? We did some digging and poked our spade into some other A-listers’ buckets… 

Baby Fever! Shakira
Bucket list wish:
To have eight or nine more babies  
The She Wolf singer and her footballer boyfriend welcomed their first son, Milan, into the world in January of last year, but the proud new mum has confessed to Latina magazine that she wants “eight or nine kids with Gerard” –  almost her very own ‘futbol’ team! Taking care of son Milan has helped the busy celebrity stay focused as she tries to balance work and family life. But if it wasn’t for her music career, the Colombian singer said, she would already be pregnant again. 

Starstruck! Justin Bieber
Bucket list wish:
To shoot a music video in space  
Richard Branson’s Virgin Galactic has drawn extensive celebrity attention, and the Canadian Boyfriend singer wants to get on board! Justin and his manager bought their $250,000 (Dhs918,200) tickets in June of last year – earning a congratulatory tweet from Richard Branson, to which Justin replied, “Let’s shoot a music video in SPACE”. 

From Australia with Love!
Kylie Minogue
Bucket list wish:
To be the next Bond girl
Australian superstar Kylie Minogue wants to team up with Daniel Craig in the next 007 film as James Bond’s latest love interest. The 46-year-old singer told the Daily Star newspaper that it has been her lifelong ambition to be a Bond girl, a role previously played by actresses including Halle Berry, Sophie Marceau and Jane Seymour. Kylie would totally nail that role, too!

Riddle me! 
Justin Timberlake

Bucket list wish: To play The Riddler
The singer’s filmography is growing, with flicks from The Social Network to Friends with Benefits. But now Justin Timberlake says he’s ready to take on a more infamous role! Last year, Justin told Variety that The Riddler from Batman is his absolute favourite villain, calling him “proper crazy”. The role was last played by Jim Carrey in 1995. Will JT be next?

Never Say Never!
Lady Gaga

Bucket list wish: To buy Michael Jackson’s Neverland
Lady Gaga is known to have a collection of Michael Jackson memorabilia – including his famous crystal glove, which she purchased at an auction for $190,000 (Dhs698,000) – but the Born This Way hitmaker last year expressed a wish to invest in MJ’s famed ranch. Lady Gaga was supposed to go on tour with Michael Jackson for This is It before the singer’s sudden death in 2009. She said she hopes to restore the property, which Michael had been forced to mortgage because of financial problems.


Bucket list wish: To work with Bollywood star Shah Rukh Khan
Shah Rukh Khan taught Pitbull a few dance moves at last year’s Indian Premier League opening ceremony in Kolkata – and now Pitbull wants more! The king of music collabs has already worked with Priyanka Chopra and it seems his passion for Bollywood is getting hotter!

To the Rescue!
Ellen DeGeneres

Bucket list wish: To rescue animals
The American comic told audiences that after she is done with her TV life, she wants to start an organisation for animal rescue. Famed for her love of animals – she once appeared in tears during her live show when a dog she had given to a family was taken away – the talk-show host’s dreams don’t fall short of her life’s work as she reminds viewers every day to “be kind to one another.” 

Down Under!
Zac Efron

Bucket list wish: To move to Australia  
The former High School Musical star wants to move to the land down under, leaving California and the acting business behind. Zac says he wants to enjoy a more relaxed life by the beach where the star and his Aussie friends can spend their time surfing! Zac was in Australia for the premiere of The Lucky One in 2012, and it seems he was charmed by the place.