How to Get Abs Like Jessica Alba, Ellie Goulding & Vanessa Hudgens

How to Get Abs Like Jessica Alba, Ellie Goulding & Vanessa Hudgens

06 May 2014

Top tips for getting a super-toned tummy just like the stars’!

Celebs With Great Abs...

Despite being a mum of two, Jessica’s washboard abs are to die for! The actress and fashionista proved just how great her bod is in the recently released screen shots from the film Sin City: A Dame to Kill For, in which her flat stomach looks even better than it did in the original Sin City movie 10 years ago! But you don’t get a body like hers without trying, and Jessica follows a strict exercise and diet regime to stay looking this fabulous! 

Can you believe she’s had kids?!

Yoga is Jessica’s secret weapon! 

Five a day helps Jess keeps her tum toned!

Ellie’s body has gone from girl next door to athlete in no time, proving that anyone can achieve the abs they want. Her fitness has been built up by her constant touring, but the singer revealed she also exercises before going onstage, squeezing in 20 minute of ab-toning exercises ahead of each performance. Now that’s dedication!

Where did her amazing abs come from?

A handstand a day keeps flab at bay!

We’re green with envy!

The High School Musical actress was flaunting her enviable abs at Coachella Festival just last week and we were super-jel of her amazing body. Vanessa knows her incredibly toned stomach is her best feature and that’s why you’ll catch her wearing cropped tops and waist-hugging dresses to highlight it, and she’s constantly posting selfies of her sculpted midriff – we can’t blame her, though! 

Vanessa knows how to dress her hot bod! 

She’s so hot! 

Gym time!


1 Work that Gym Ball 
Jessica Alba reckons a gym ball is a good tool for women who want to work their core. Doing crunches while balancing with your back on the ball will focus the crunch on your upper abdomen and lifting the ball by holding it between your legs will work the lowers abs. For best results, add 10 minutes of ball exercises to the end of your regular cardio routin

2 Build Strength 
Getting great abs is as much about building muscle as it is about losing weight. Vanessa Hudgens’ exercises include lifting tractor tyres and rope climbing. These focus on the centre of your body and in turn build muscle in the waist area.

3 Eat Fruit & Veg! 
Jessica Alba believes in eating organic foods so much that she wrote a book on it! In Honest, she emphasises the importance of eating a low-fat diet with lots of fresh organic fruit and vegetables to reduce the body’s fat content.

4 Crunch, Crunch & Crunch!
You can’t go wrong with good old-fashioned crunches. Even if you’re not an avid gym-goer, doing 100 sit-ups every morning and night will work wonders for toning your tummy. 

5 Touch Your Toes 
Repeatedly reaching to touch your toes will help to build muscle in your stomach area. Remember to hold your stomach in and stretch slowly towards your feet in a standing or sitting position. 

6 Kettlebell Training 
Kettlebell training gives you a full body workout while focusing on building muscles in the core stomach area. The classes involve doing squats and stretches while holding a 5lb to 10lb kettlebell, which increases the pressure on your abs and helps to tone them.
INFO: Visit to join a kettlebell class in the UAE 

7 Dress the Part 
OK, so you might not have Jessica’s abs, but knowing how to accentuate the smallest part of your body will help make your waist look skinnier. Wearing a cropped top with a high-waisted flared skirt will show off your midriff and make it look smaller. 

8 Practise Yoga… in a Hammock! 
The newest craze in Hollywood combines traditional yoga with strength training in the air! Suspended in a hammock, you’ll focus on yoga positions that use your core body strength to strengthen your muscles. Vanessa Hudgens is a huge fan and it sure does work for her!
INFO: Aerial yoga classes cost Dhs40, available to Fitness First members, membership starts at Dhs459 per person per month, Motor City and Beach Park Plaza branches (800 348 6377)

9 Do Dumbbell Side-Bends 
A dumbbell side-bend will help to banish excess love handles. Rather than concentrating on the front of your stomach, the side bend will work on slimming the sides of your abs, leaving you with a teeny, tiny waist! Holding as much weight as you can, slower slide your left arm down your left leg. Try eights sets of 10 on either side, or more, until you realy feel the burn. 

10 Try a New Twist on the Plank 
The twisting plank is a different take on the exercise, which will specifically work on building your abs. Begin in standard plank position (like a press-up, with hands directly beneath your shoulders and fingers spread wide for balance). Contract your abs and bring your right knee in toward your left elbow; return to plank position. Repeat with the opposite knee and elbow. Try doing three sets of 10 and building up from there. 

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