Susan Sarandon

Date of Birth: 04/10/1946
City: New York
Country: United States
Occupation: Actress



Career: Susan first found fame in 1975, when she played Janet in the cult musical The Rocky Horror Picture Show. Her other films include The Witches of Eastwick, Bull Durham, Thelma & Louise and The Lovely Bones. She won the Best Actress Oscar in 2005 for her performance in Dead Man Walking. It was the fifth time she had been nominated for the award.

Relationships: She married fellow student Chris Sarandon in 1967, but they divorced in 1969. She then dated directors Louis Malle and Franco Amurri, with whom she had a daughter, Eva Amurri, born 15 March 1985. From 1996-2009 she was in a relationship with actor Tim Robbins. They have two sons, Jack Henry, born 1989, and Miles Guthrie, born 1992.

FYI: Susan is known for her social and political activism. She is a UNICEF Goodwill Ambassador, she spoke out against the 2003 invasion of Iraq and in 2007 she appeared in an anti-war rally in Washington D.C.