Patrick Dempsey

Date of Birth: 13/01/1966
City: Maine
Country: United States
Occupation: Actor



Career: Patrick is best known for playing Dr Derek Shepherd in the medical drama Grey’s Anatomy. During the 80s he appeared in the romantic comedies Can’t Buy Me Love, Some Girls, Loverboy and Happy Together. More recently, he has appeared in the films Sweet Home Alabama, Scream 3, Enchanted, Made of Honour and Valentine’s Day.

Relationships: He married acting coach Rocky Parker in 1987, but they divorced in 1994. On 31st July 1999 he married Jillian Flick. They have three children: Tallulah Fyfe, born 20th February 2002, and twin sons Sullivan Patrick and Darby Galen, born 1st February 2007.

FYI: Patrick is dyslexic and has to memorise all his lines in order to perform as he struggles to read from the script.