Miley Cyrus

Date of Birth: 23/11/1992
City: Tennessee
Country: United States
Occupation: Actress and singer



Career: Miley found fame in 2006 playing the secret popstar Miley Stewart/Hannah Montana on the Disney sitcom Hannah Montana. Her first single, The Best of Both Worlds, was the theme song to the show - and credited to Hannah Montana. She released a debut album under her own name, Meet Miley Cyrus, in 2007. By 2008 she was already developing a more grown-up image. She starred in Hannah Montana: The Movie in 2008 and the fourth and final season of the show ended in January 2011.

Relationships: Miley has dated Nick Jonas, model Justin Gaston and actor Liam Hemsworth. She got engaged to Liam in 2012.

FYI: Miley’s birth name is Destiny Hope Cyrus. Her parents gave her the nickname “Smiley” when she was a baby because she smiled so much. This was later shortened to “Miley.”