Larry King

Date of Birth: 19/11/1933
City: New York
Country: United States
Occupation: American television and radio host




Career: Larry King began hosting his nightly TV show, Larry King Live, in 1985. On 29th June 2010 he announced that he would be stepping down, but would return to host occasional specials. The final show aired on 16th December 2010 and Piers Morgan took over his time slot from January 2011.

Relationships: He has been married eight times to seven different women. At the age of 18 he married his high school sweetheart, but their marriage ended after just one year. He was also briefly married to Annette Kaye who gave birth to his son, Larry Jr., in November 1961. Larry did not meet his son for more than thirty years. He had another son, Andy, in 1962, with his third wife, Playboy Bunny Alene Atkins. They divorced the following year. He  was then briefly married to Mary Francis Sutphin, but she divorced him and he remarried Alene, and had a second child, Chaia, in 1969. They divorced for a second time in 1972. He was married to his fifth wife, Sharon Lepore, from 1976-1983, and he was married to his sixth wife, Julie Alexander, from 1989-1992. He had two more children with this seventh wife, Shawn Southwick: Chance, born 1999, and Cannon, born 2000. They filed for divorce in 2010.

FYI: He wishes to be cryogenically preserved after his death.