Kat Von D

Date of Birth: 08/03/1982
City: Monterrey
Country: Mexico
Occupation: Tattoo artist and television personality



Career: Kat found fame on the reality show Miami Ink. After a dispute with other cast members, she left and moved to Los Angeles, where she opened her own tattoo shop, High Voltage Tattoos. She was then offered her own spin-off show LA Ink, which premiered in 2007. She has also released two bestselling books, High Voltage Tattoo and The Tattoo Chronicles and has a make-up line for Sephora.

Relationships: Kat was married to tattoo artist Oliver Peck from 2004 to 2008 and she dated Nikki Sixx from 2008-2010. She then began dating reality TV star Jesse James and they announced their engagement on 20th January 2011.

FYI: In 2007 Kat broke the Guinness World Record for the most tattoos given by a single person in 24 hours, with a total of 400.