Jessica Alba

Date of Birth: 28/04/1981
City: Pomona, California
Country: United States
Occupation: Actress



Career: Jennifer got her big break in 2000 playing Max Guevara in the sci-fi TV series Dark Angel. That led to roles in films Sin City, Fantastic Four, Into the Blue and The Eye. In 2010 she starred in the hit romantic comedy Valentine’s Day.

Relationships: At the age of 20 Jessica got engaged to her Dark Angel co-star Michael Weatherly, which caused controversy as he was 12 years her senior. They split in August 2003. She met actor Cash Warren on the set of Fantastic Four in 2004, and they married on 19th May 2008. Their daughter, Honor Marie Warren, was born on 7th June 2008, and in February 2011 she confirmed that they are expecting their second child.

FYI: In 2006 Playboy magazine featured a bikini shot of Jessica on the cover, without asking her permission. She opened a lawsuit against them, which she later dropped after receiving a personal apology from Playboy owner Hugh Hefner.