Casey Affleck

Date of Birth: 12/08/1975
City: Massachusetts
Country: United States
Occupation: Actor, writer and producer



Career: Casey started his career with a role in the 1995 dark comedy To Die For. Supporting roles in Chasing Amy, Good Will Hunting and Ocean’s Eleven, Twelve and Thirteen followed. In 2010 he released his directorial debut, I’m Not Here, a spoof documentary about the musical career of his friend and brother-in-law Joaquin Phoenix, who attempted to live the life of a rapper for one year.

Relationships: On 3rd June 2006, Casey married Summer Phoenix, his girlfriend of six years. They have two sons, Indiana August, born 31st May 2004, and Atticus, born in November 2007.

FYI: In 2010, two actresses sued him for sexual harassment on the set of I’m Not Here. The cases were settled out of court.