Celebrate World Heart Day with Fitness First (29 Sept)

Celebrate World Heart Day with Fitness First (29 Sept)

21 Aug 2014

Try Myzone, the Fitness First training system that helps burn over 100 million calories in six months! Highlights its reliable training system- MYZONE that helped burn over 100 million calories in 6 months

Say no to coronary heart disease or atherosclerosis this World Heart Day, just put on your belt and go! 

Barely 18 months since its launch in Feb 2013, Myzone, an innovative heart rate based system, has swiftly climbed popularity charts among members for its cutting edge technology in monitoring physical activity accurately and conveniently. A tool that acts as a motivator to push gym goers’ to their limits; Myzone helps achieve fitness goals with discipline, thus enhancing an exercise regime to help reduce cardiovascular risks.

MYZONE, a path-breaking tool to measure, track and review progress; records real-time measurements of indicators such as the effort applied. Effort measured in Myzone Effort Points (MEPs) accumulates for every minute of activity the user expends based on the maximum heart rate. The device also calculates calories burnt and the duration of each workout session. Recorded statistics divulge that total MEPs for the first six months of this year (from January 2014 to June 2014) highlight some interesting figures. There are currently 6,683 MYZONE users who have achieved a commendable 24,221,801 MEPs and total calories burnt were an impressive 103,798,474.

Simply put, in six months, one member achieved over 3,624 MEPs and burnt over 15,531 calories, which is equivalent to the amount found in 43 cheese burgers or caesar salad servings. The same amount of calories would be found in 10.8 medium pizzas or 196 large eggs. In comparison, the group burnt calories found in 72,082 medium pizzas.

Reiterating the importance of cardiovascular health, Steven Gillespie, Fitness Manager, Fitness First, Motor City, said, “Direct correlation between exercise and cardiovascular health is as blatant as the results by the lack of it. A methodical routine in physical exercise helps achieve increase in exercise tolerance, healthy balance in body weight and blood pressure, reduction in bad cholesterol and increase in good cholesterol and improvement in muscular function and strength.

One of the key benefits of cardiovascular training is that it improves the condition of your heart, plain and simple. Alongside maintaining heart health, cardiovascular training also has a significant effect on the body’s metabolism. The higher the intensity of the cardio workout, the more the noticeable difference in metabolic rate and post exercise oxygen consumption (EPOC), that’s key for everybody serious about losing body fat.

However all of this doesn’t suffice. An indicator that works along with you while you exercise to notify results, record heart rate activity, signal recovery session and a motivator that encourages you to test your limits is also of equal importance. Here’s where Myzone, the revolutionary exercise tool stands successful as the ultimate workout partner and motivation tool to guide you through an effective workout via right heart rate training zone to produce desired effects.”

So why not pledge a heart healthy environment and exercise regime with Myzone at Fitness First!

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