Celebrate New Year's Eve around the world at Global Village

Fireworks will begin at 8pm sharp!
ByMashal AbbasiWednesday , 27 December 2017
Celebrate New Year's Eve around the world at Global Village

Dubai is probably the only place in the world you can celebrate New Year's in seven different countries!

How so? At Global Village of course. Global Village has just announced a massive New Year's eve celebration starting at 8pm and carrying on until 1am, reports Khaleej Times.

The first fireworks show will begin at 8pm UAE time and will celebrate New Year in the Philippines. This will be followed by a countdown and fireworks display to mark the New Year in Thailand. As the clock strikes 10pm, fireworks will ensue, celebrating the arrival of the New Year in Bangladesh. 10:30 pm will see a fireworks display in celebration of 2018 in India, followed by Pakistan at 11pm.

At midnight UAE time, the biggest countdown and fireworks show yet will bring in 2018 in our very own UAE! that's not all however, one last display will also take place at 1am Dubai time to mark the New Year in Turkey.

So there you have it! Philippines, Thailand, Bangladesh, India, Pakistan, UAE and Turkey! Seven countries will be celebrating the beginning of 2018 at global village and we definitely think it'll be worth a visit.

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