Celeb Stylealikes: Taylor Swift & Nicole Kidman, Katy Perry and Zooey Deschanel and More!

Celeb Stylealikes: Taylor Swift & Nicole Kidman, Katy Perry and Zooey Deschanel and More!

27 Sep 2013

Ever noticed how some of T’Town’s hottest are cut from the same style mould? We take a look at the copycat stylistas in Hollywood

Katy Perry & Zooey Deschanel
These two stars could almost pass for sisters with their dark hair, pale skin and blue eyes. Not only do they look alike but they also share a quirky fashion sense that includes a love of vintage clothing and brightly coloured outfits. The ROAR! singer and the New Girl star have also worn similar hairstyles over the years, including the blunt bangs and retro hair bands. Too cute!

Rita Ora, Rihanna & Beyoncé
These three pop queens are ruling Hollywood with their polished yet edgy style. Rita and RiRi have always had a similar look, and Rita showed up to this year’s VMA’s looking the spitting image of Bey. Perhaps they both took inspiration from Riri’s feather gown worn a few years earlier? The trio have also been loving sports-inspired style in recent months, and donned similar hairstyles ranging from bushy blonde locks to the dark pixie crop. 

Miley Cyrus & Jessie J
Miley Cyrus and Jessie J sure do have a lot in common, from hairdos to concert get-ups. They both love skinny jeggings, cropped tops, bold lip colours, spikes and all-round shocking outfits. After Miley cut her hair last year, Jessie soon shaved her head for charity giving them similar blonde crops too! 

Sarah Hyland & Mila Kunis
With their doe-eyed gazes and long brown locks, these two are total doppelgängers. Modern Family starlet Sarah Hyland is frequently compared to the Black Swan beauty and is said to be flattered by the comparison, thankfully! 

Vanessa Hudgens & Shenae Grimes
Vanessa Hudgens and Shenae Grimes both rock boho-chic styles. Vanessa has become a trendsetter after her Coachella outfits attracted attention earlier this year, and 90210 star Shenae shares a love of maxi skirts, floral prints and big sunglasses. The two stars have regularly been spotted with the same woven wedges and fringed handbags too.

Victoria Beckham & Tana Ramsey
BFF’s Victoria Beckham and Tana Ramsay could be clones as they’ve been spotted in identical outfits on numerous occasions. Victoria’s fashion influence must have rubbed off on Tana as she’s become a mirror-image of the designer, wearing skinny jeans, chic vests and smoking jackets.