Celeb Stalkers

Celeb Stalkers

22 Aug 2013
By Ahlanlive.com

Highly exposed celebrities face the danger of delusional fans

It’s hard for us to think of anyone frightening our most loved celebs.  Earlier this year, a man turned up at Kim Kardashian’s house with a suitcase and the intention to move in; a crazed fan swam his way to Taylor Swift’s beach house, and another intruder was arrested for snooping around Rihanna’s home in LA!  (Can you believe he managed to get in!?) We might be envious of their fame, fortune and glamorous lifestyle, but this is one aspect of the celebrity world we wouldn’t wish upon anyone!

Blake Lively
Stalker: Sergei Mifle
The Result: Three-year restraining order
Blake Lively’s crazed stalker, Sergei Mifle was caught lurking around the Gossip Girl set early last year and even told security guards he believes he has a spiritual connection with the star. Mifle later attempted to contact her and managed to speak to her mother on various occasions. He has now been ordered to stay away from both the star and her mother for the next three years. Mifle must stay at least 100 yards away from her car, home and work at all times. Definitely far scarier than any gossip girl blast, huh Serena?  

Uma Thurman
Stalker: Jack Jordan
The Result:  Jailed for one year, now receiving intensive therapy.
Jack Jordan, a former psychiatric patient, tried to get Thurman’s attention by sending her sexually suggestive drawings, loitering outside her home, showing up on her trailer on a film set as well as threatening to end his life if he didn’t get to see her! In 2008, the 42-year-old was convicted of stalking Thurman for several years. Jordan was sentenced to three years’ probation but was jailed in 2010 for trying to call Thurman at her home. He was released in 2011 under agreement to undergo therapy. 

Kim Kardashian
Stalker: Dennis Shaun Bowman
The Result: Restraining order
The Keeping Up with the Kardashians star was left terrified after 26-year-old Dennis Shaun Bowman repeatedly showed up at her appearances, sometimes disguised as The Joker from Batman, covering himself in face paint. He was believed to have sent Kim romantic messages almost every day, stating his plans for them to marry!   Bowman was later ordered to stay away from the Kardashian sister as she was granted a restraining order. Ignoring this, Bowman freaked Kim out again by continuing to contact her via Twitter, breaking his restraining order! Damn social media! 

Justin Bieber
Stalker: Dana Martin
The Result: Life in jail, accomplices arrested.
Although he never had to face his nemesis, Justin Bieber definitely had the freakiest stalker by far! Last year, a convicted murderer set out to end poor Biebs. But wait: Dana Martin didn’t just want to kill Bieber – he wanted to castrate him! Plotting this attack from inside his prison cell, Martin hired Mark Staake and nephew Tanner Ruane to go and kill the young singer for not returning his messages. Following Martin’s instructions, the two men allegedly set out to murder and castrate Bieber with garden shears.  Thankfully, the pair were arrested before they could get near the 19-year-old pop phenomenon. It turns out Martin was so obsessed with Bieber that he even had a massive tattoo of the singer on his leg!  

Jennifer Aniston
Stalker: Jason R Peyton
The Result: A permanent restraining order.
Jason R Peyton convinced himself that he and Jennifer Aniston were about to get married. His delusional behaviour posed a major threat to Aniston, who was granted a permanent restraining order against the crazed fan in 2010.  Peyton was believed to be carrying a sharp object, duct tape, a love note and a list of future baby names when he was arrested! We don’t want to think about what he wanted to do to poor Jen!  

Selena Gomez
Stalker:  Thomas Brodnicki
The Result: Three-year restraining order
Mentally disabled Thomas Brodnicki flew to LA just to see Selena Gomez multiple times. He attempted to visit her home, and even claimed to have conversations with God about killing her. Gomez filed for a restraining order but was initially told that there was not enough evidence against Brodnicki! After the insane 46-year-old threatened to kill the young actress, she was left terrified and was finally granted a three-year restraining order.  

Paris Hilton
Stalker: Nathan Lee Parada
The Result: Two years in prison.
Nathan Lee Parada attempted to break into Paris Hilton’s Hollywood home in 2010.  The famous socialite had a frightening experience as she was woken up by the strange man hammering her windows with a knife! Hilton was left terrified as Parada stood holding two large kitchen knives and demanding to be let in. Luckily her then boyfriend, Cy Waits was able to restrain him until the Police arrived. This ordeal left Hilton scared to even leave her house for over a year. Parada was later sentenced to two years in jail!