Celeb Frow Friends: Harry Styles & Sienna Miller, Victoria Beckham & Heidi Klum, Plus Anna Wintour & Nicole Kidman

Celeb Frow Friends: Harry Styles & Sienna Miller, Victoria Beckham & Heidi Klum, Plus Anna Wintour & Nicole Kidman

27 Sep 2013

Sometimes, it’s not who you wear, but who you sit next to on the front row that really matters. This season Harry Styles & Sienna Miller scored mutually beneficial brownie points at Burberry, making us think of our fave frows of all time..

Victoria Beckham & Heidi Klum
Victoria and Heidi gossiped away on the front row at the Project Runway fashion show in New York. The two worked together on the 2008 series of the Project Runway TV show, but haven’t been seen together much since. 

Kate Bosworth, Kerry Washington & Zoe Saldana
These three elegant ladies seemed to bond over their love for fashion at the Calvin Klein show in 2011. The three seemed to have even coordinated their outfits too, as they all arrived in smart block colour dresses. 

Paul McCartney and Kate Moss 
This unlikely pair of Brit icons were sat together on the frow of Paul’s daughter Stella’s show last year. Although Kate was reluctant to take off her sunnies (let’s hope the clothes weren’t too harsh on the eyes), the two seemed to bond quickly with Kate soon giggling away at Paul’s jokes. 

Paris Hilton, Nicky Hilton & Terry Richardson 
The Hilton sisters seemed to get easily acquainted with famed photographer Terry Richardson on the frow at the Jeremy Scott fashion show this year. The trio even posed for a selfie together, then before you could say “me, me, me” Paris was in Terry’s studio for her own shoot. 

Pixie Geldof, Daisy Lowe & Laura Bailey (plus Anna Wintour)
These three young fashionistas and their boy pal seemed completely oblivious to the fact that ultimate style queen and US Vogue editor Anna Wintour was right next to them at this season’s Erdem show. Poor Anna looked as though she’d been snubbed as she sat alone with no one to talk to. We’re sure she’ll get over it though.   

Kim Kardashian & Kelly Rowland
We never realised that Kim and Kelly were such great pals, but the two got on so well at this Jill Stuart fashion show back in 2010, we wonder why we haven’t seen them together since. 

Kelly Osbourne, Christina Hendricks, Stacy Keibler & Molly Sims
These four ladies attended the Zac Posen fashion show and got on like a fashion house on fire! Posing for pictures together, they looked like an odd bunch, but we wouldn’t have minded hanging with them. 

Kanye West & Sienna Miller
We know she loves a front row giggle but Sienna was in fits of laughter as she chatted with Kanye at the Burberry Prorsum show back in 2011. Gemma Arterton and Ellie Goulding were also there, but they didn’t get a look-in!