Celeb Couples: Who's On and Who's Off...

Find out with Ahlan!'s relationship report direct from Celebville
Tuesday , 14 August 2012
Chantelle Houghton & Alex Reid: Off?
Chantelle Houghton & Alex Reid: Off?
Danny Boyle & Rosario Dawson: On
Danny Boyle & Rosario Dawson: On

Chantelle Houghton & Alex Reid
Are new parents and UK reality TV regulars Chantelle and Alex over already? Chantelle revealed that their relationship is “strained” and she would “rather be a single mum than be miserable”, while New! claims that her fiancé Alex has already walked out on her.  It doesn’t look like it’ll be happily ever after!

Danny Boyle & Rosario Dawson
Danny picked up more than praise at the Olympics after directing the opening ceremony, he also picked up a woman! American actress Rosario, who’s 20 years younger than him, has revealed she’s “very happy” with her new boyfriend, who she met when he cast her in his next movie, Trance. Aww!

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