Kate Hudson

Celeb Body Christmas Countdown

18 Nov 2009
By Ahlanlive.com

Your slimdown to the party season starts here...

30 Days to go

Ditch the booze
Kate Hudson recently dropped an amazing nine kilos in just two weeks just by cutting out alcohol. “I love my glass of wine. I love tequila,” says the star, who slimmed down for a new role in Earthbound. “To be in New York for two weeks and not have one beverage! I’m not sure I’ve ever done that.”

But, with around 200 calories in one cocktail, it’s a sure-fire way to blitz the bulge in time for party season.

25 Days to go

Find a workout buddy
Besties Courteney Cox and Jennifer Aniston may be in their 40s, but they’ve got super-slim bods to rival any 20-something thanks to their dedication to joint workout sessions. Courteney says, “[We do a] blend of yoga for toning and martial arts for power… it’s unbeatable!”

20 Days to go

Get your beauty sleep
Prep yourself for the whirl of social bashes by catching up on your Z’s now! “Sleep is like the Holy Grail,” says Kate Beckinsale. “My trainer says that if you’re tired, your workout will suffer. Sleep is the magic stuff.”

15 Days to go

Limit your portions
Super-trim Anna Friel refuses to cut out tasty treats. Instead, the Brit star monitors her food intake, revealing, “I just don’t overeat, and I don’t eat if I’m not hungry.”

10 Days to go

Get juicing
Ugly Betty star Vanessa Williams advocates downing plenty of freshly-squeezed juice to get her bod red carpet-ready. “I drink a beetroot and carrot juice in the morning or an apple, strawberry and pear juice,” says 46-year-old Vanessa of her craving-busting treat.

5 Days to go

Grab a grapefruit
While the intense low-cal grapefruit diet shouldn’t be followed for more than 12 days in total, it’s a great last-minute weapon. Used by Kylie before red carpet events, it combines protein (chicken, fish and green veg) with grapefruits to supposedly trigger fat burning.

3 Days to go

The final detox
Used by Megan Fox to reduce bloating fast, the Three-Day Diet focuses on mixing certain types of food to create a metabolic reaction in your body. The high-protein, low carb will help shed water weight.

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