Ceebo Shah & Kal Sharaan

The dynamic interiors duo have designs across Dubai
ByAhlan! Live ReporterThursday , 19 March 2015
Ceebo Shah & Kal Sharaan
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Being in charge of the interiors for big name hotspots opening in Dubai is hugely exciting. We can’t announce everything that’s in the pipeline but New York’s Catch at Fairmont Dubai is one of them.
We both love to paint and play around with everything from furniture to sculptures. Our hobbies have become our work and vice versa!
Our apartment is a showcase of our art, things that inspire us, and an ultimate bachelor pad of fun things for all to enjoy. We love to host our close friends there whether it’s a small dinner for eight, or an after-hours gathering for thirty.
Opening our own furniture concept store is on the cards. Everyone who has seen our other projects, The Act at the Shangri-La Dubai and Blue Marlin Ibiza UAE, have wanted to take home a piece of the décor, so it seems like the right way forward.
Our dream is to design our own boutique hotel and that dream doesn’t feel that far-fetched any longer! 2015 will see us continuing to expand the business and take on more international projects. 

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