Cameras being installed in Abu Dhabi taxis

Smile, you're on camera!
ByAriel Robinson Monday , 08 June 2015
Cameras being installed in Abu Dhabi taxis
Abu Dhabi are installing CCTV in their taxis

Taxis in Abu Dhabi are to have cameras installed in order to improve their security. The Centre for Regulation of Transport by Hire Cars hopes to increase the safety and reduce the number of customers who disobey rules or attempt to not pay for fares. In the next year, 100 cars will be fitted with cameras and by June 2016, almost 8,000 taxis in Abu Dhabi will be fitted with a camera.

Taxi drivers agree with the idea, saying that customers often yell at them and try to avoid paying for the trip. The CCTV cameras will be used to settle claims made by passengers against the taxi drivers, so that management can review the footage. Not only will it protect the drivers but also ensure safety for passengers as the cameras will show that the drivers drive carefully and provide good service.

One Abu Dhabi resident commented saying: “At the moment, the authorities do not have any idea what’s happening inside the taxi and the driver may try to strike up a conversation with a female passenger who is alone in the taxi, or the passenger can be extremely rude and unreasonable”.

TransAd have begun installing back-facing, front mounted cameras in various vehicle types just last week. Not only will the footage be recorded, but it will also be streamed live to the Centre’s monitoring station and the government's monitoring centre.

Mohamed Darwish Al Qemzi, general manager of the Centre for Regulation of Transport by Hire Cars, states that “the safety of passengers and their belongings is the responsibility of the Centre, therefore we focus all our efforts on providing safe and sustainable services to the customers. The launch of this initiative was the result of a research study on the extent of customer satisfaction with the service provided by the Centre, and the results of those studies have proven the need for surveillance to ensure the highest standards of quality and safety in service delivery." 

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