Caught On Camera! Mel Gibson With A Mystery Brunette

16 Mar 2009

Who was Mel kissing on the beach in Costa Rica... because it definitely wasn't his wife!

Mel Gibson has been snapped in the arms of a stunning bikini-clad woman on the beach near his estate in Costa Rica – and while her identity still remains a mystery, it is definitely NOT the mother of his seven children, 52-year-old Robyn Moore!

'It was near sunset. The two of them were playing in the surf, ducking into waves,” reveals a source to the Daily Mail newspaper.

“Then Mel sort of took hold of her and she came willingly into his arms.

They put their arms around each other and kissed pretty passionately for about four or five seconds.

The two of them then wandered down the beach and popped in and out of the surf."

Mel has been married to Robyn for 28 years and has managed to get out of stickier situations in the past, so we look forward to hearing his excuse for this one...!