Caught On Camera

29 Nov 2011

From R-Patz to Selena Gomez, celebs do the funniest things

Jealous Rob

Robert Pattinson doesn’t come across as the jealous type, but looks less than impressed while his girlfriend Kristen Stewart is talking to a male fan!

Escape Time

Jennifer Lopez’s ex husband Marc Anthony didn’t take the news she’s started dating a 24-year-old backing dancer very well. Time to run away!

Uber Spanx

Christina Aguilera hopes standing in front of a backdrop that’s the same colour as her spanx dress will help hide her fuller figure. Think again Xtina!

Clumsy Klutz

30 Rock actress Salma Hayek shows us how to turn a stumble into a pose. Just lean on the shop window and hopefully no-one will notice!


Robin Williams fails to play it cool when Elijah Wood informed him he was flying low... At least the funnyman can see the funny side.


Canadian crooner Michael Buble will go to any length to avoid spoiling his hair style! No job for him as a doorman any time soon then...

Blame Cris!

Irina Shayk suddenly realises where all her fake tan, tweezers and foundation have been disappearing... Her boyfriend Cristiano.


Selena Gomez has been pursuing the Twlight makers for a part in the next film, and shows her dedication at the expense of Taylor Swift.