Caught on Camera

15 Nov 2011

HOT PICS: From Blake Lively to Eva Longoria celebs do the funniest things...

HR Wedgie

Prince Charles hoped that as long as he kept smiling, nobody would notice a quick fix of the wedgie-situation...


After asking nicely for some TLC, Sharon Osbourne falls back on force to satisfy her demands for a kiss from singer Joe Jonas.

Too Tall!!!

Christian Louboutin instantly regretted giving Blake Lively stilettos, accentuating their height difference. Mental note, next time give flip flops.

No Thanks

Christy Turlington Burns shows how she keeps such a svelte figure – by not eating at all!

Guess Who?!

Sarah Jessica Parker was later spotted with tins of red and white paint to complete her Cat In The Hat look.


Although he was largely ignored by everyone around him, Adrian Grenier still decided to play his Vincent Chase character in public!

Still Desperate?

Attending a local tombola, Eva Longoria confirms that she is indeed desperate – Not as a housewife, just for attention.

Trick Or Treat?

Someone forgot to tell TV personality Kristin Cavallari that Halloween was actually last month...