Catherine Tate and Jason Orange Hook Up

Future looking Orange for funny lady and Jason
Tuesday , 25 October 2011
Jason Orange
Jason Orange
Catherine Tate
Catherine Tate

They say guys often go for girls that look like their mothers. But in the case of Jason Orange, it seems that he goes for girls that look like... himself.

The Take That star fell for comedian Catherine Tate after meeting her in fancy dress. Catherine donned in black, played Jason in spoof boy-band Fake That, for a sketch filmed for Comic Relief in March.

A source revealed, “Catherine and Jason hadn’t met before they were thrown together at the filming.”

“But they had great fun as she tried to take him off and he was very impressed. There were real sparks between the two.”

Jason also told a pal at the time, “She’s got great legs”, but the pair didn’t meet again until earlier this summer and have since been spotted on a string of dates, most recently in a park in London.

Catherine is best known for playing gobby schoolgirl Lauren Cooper in The Catherine Tate Show, with the much-imitated catchphrase “Am I Bovvered?”

Jason has never been married but has been romantically linked to model Kathy Lloyd, singer Lulu and TV presenter Jenny Powell. Catherine split up with stage manager Twig Clark, who is the father of her daughter, earlier this summer.

In more good news for Catherine, the actress has accepted a role in the eighth season of the US version of The Office, after impressing fans in a guest role in the last season.