Cate Hando

Saturday , 22 September 2012

Cate Hando’s Jumeirah bungalow, located between the greenery of Safa Park and soothing azure of the beach, is full of character – a trait that immediately drew the home-restyler and bespoke furniture designer to the property more than three years ago.
Having lived in 24 properties since she left home aged 18, Cate firmly states that this house in Dubai is her favourite. Her approach to interior design integrates elements of the Japanese aesthetic wabi sabi. Wabi refers to rustic simplicity and understated elegance, while sabi is the beauty or serenity that comes with age – when the life of an object and its impermanence are evident in its wear and tear. 
Embrace Restyling works with its clients’ existing pieces, restyling and rejuvenating where necessary, as well as designing and manufacturing bespoke pieces.
One of Cate’s favourite items of furniture in her own home represents wabi sabi beautifully: her office desk is a table made of old Australian railway boards and was her first “proper” furniture purchase as a student.