Catching Up with Kris Fade

07 Dec 2015

We had fun at the Red Bull flugtag

Last week after nine years the Red Bull Flugtag returned to Dubai and what a day of fun it was. There were over 25,000 people in attendance, with 30 teams competing for the grand prize at Dubai Creek Park.

For those of you who don’t know what Red Bull Flugtag is, it’s a competition where teams of five people build flying machines that don’t have an engine. Then one by one they run and jump off a pier across water and see which flying machine can glide the furthest. So it’s basically a big paper aeroplane event.

Catching Up with Kris Fade

Skydive Dubai’s Millennial Falcon team won the trophy in first place and they came very close to breaking the world record too! In second place were the Premier Falcons and in third position came The Wicked Witch Rides Again.

They all did very well, but I was rooting for Big Rossi and the Virgin Radio team! Rossie captained them and so obviously had to stand out in a yellow chicken costume. I’ve never seen a chicken fly before and this occasion was no different. Rossi and co sank like bricks, but well done for trying guys!


Catching Up with Kris Fade

Start Your Engines!
Tyson Beckford’s body is even better than you’d think

Tyson Beckford was in Dubai last week and I got to hang out with him at a very special charity event. We competed in a celebrity go-kart race for the Make a Wish Foundation and spent the afternoon burning rubber. It was all going really well until I had to get changed in front of him. I took off my top and thought I looked in decent shape – but then he got his six pack out and it was game over! Thanks for body-shaming me, Tyson!