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Catching Up with Kris Fade

20 Sep 2015

WWE's Daniel Bryan is no faker!

Even if you’re not a massive fan of WWE you will probably have heard of Daniel Bryan. He’s one of the biggest stars in wrestling at the moment, even though he’s been out of action for a few months because of an injury.

I met Daniel at Games 15, which was being held at Dubai International Marine Club last weekend. We had over 5,000 people turn up and the crowd went wild when they saw their WWE idol step onto the stage. Chanting his famous catchphrase, “Yes!”, Daniel jumped for joy as he shook hands, posed for selfies with fans and signed autographs.

A lot of people asked him how fake wrestling is and how much of it is scripted, and he explained that while they do follow storylines, the injuries sustained are very real. Daniel said that his good friend John Cena broke his nose last month and they carried on wrestling, even though he was bleeding everywhere. Other WWE employees frequently continue to do stunts even though they’re in pain.

Daniel was a really cool guy, and in great shape too. He’s not that tall but the size of his arms is ridiculous. One thing that he kept telling the kids was that no matter how much they love wrestling, they shouldn’t copy the dangerous moves that he does. I for one am such a big fan I’m thinking about building my own WWE ring in my backyard. Maybe Team Ahlan! can come down when it's done and try it out!