Catching Up with Kris Fade

The Ahlan! Awards went on without me, so I sent along a furry friend!
ByKris FadeSunday , 21 June 2015
Catching Up with Kris Fade
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Well, it’s been a pretty crazy week full of ups and downs, but after a bad start I feel like I’m back to my old self again.

So last week I seriously injured my back and was stuck in bed for most of the time not knowing what I’d exactly done. I had never experienced pain quite like that before so I was really worried and headed to the hospital to get checked out. After lots of X-rays and assessments they told me I had three discs in my back that had popped out!

I couldn’t move around properly and was terrified when I was advised to have surgery to fix the problem. The worst part for me was having to miss the radio show because I literally couldn’t stand up straight. However, after a steroid injection into my ‘boom boom’ from the doctor last night and some great work from the Osteopathic Health Centre my neck has improved about 35%! I still have huge pain down my right arm but the amazing messages of support I’ve received made me feel so much better!

Another thing that massively helped keep my spirits up was winning two gongs at the <Ahlan!> Awards. Being named Best Radio Presenter and Best Male Personality yet again was the highlight of my year so far. Thank you for your votes, I’m honestly blessed to do what I do, and never take it for granted! I was unable to attend the event because I was bedridden so I sent my big furry friend! He seemed to get a lot of attention! 

Thanks again to everyone at Ahlan! and I’ll be back here with my column after a small break for summer!

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