Catching Up with Kris Fade

Why I won't shell out for oysters
ByKris FadeThursday , 23 April 2015
Catching Up with Kris Fade

This week I’ve been getting better acquainted with a food that I have never really been a big fan of – oysters. There’s something slippery and ooze-like about oysters that has always put me off them and even though everyone always says what a delicacy they are I’ve never liked them, until now.

French chef Xavier Caille was in town to make the process of eating oysters a little bit more exciting. We had him in the studio explaining what the term shucking is. Apparently, the art of opening an oyster shell and extracting the fleshy part of it is called shucking. This process can be difficult for even the most enthusiastic seafood eater, but Chef Xavier can do it faster than anybody else in the world.

He literally has the world record for shucking and can open 30 oysters in just two minutes and 40 seconds. He broke the record and was crowned the World Oyster Opening Champion at the Galway Oyster Festival in Ireland earlier this year. He told me that “Oysters are very easy to open, you just need to be gentle with them.” Watching him break through oysters didn’t make like them anymore but it was fun to watch.

Still, even after all that I didn’t like them, so I got a sports commentator to come in to the studio and we treated me eating oysters like a horse race. While it was extremely funny, I still don’t like oysters and I don’t think I ever will.

 In It For Love is Live!
Finally after weeks of waiting I’m happy to reveal the official video for In it For Love. Myself and the insanely talented rapper Two Tone have been playing at a few festivals across the UAE for the last two months so decided to use footage from those events for our music video. You can watch the full vid on now. #LivingTheLife.



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