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I met Star Trek legend William Shatner and The X Files' Gillian Anderson at Comic Con!
ByKris FadeThursday , 16 April 2015


William was awesome as Captain Kirk

While I’ve met a heck of a lot of legends in my time, I’ve never been quite as excited as I was when I got to meet William Shatner. The actor’s most famous for starring in Sixties cult TV show Star Trek, but he’s also a big hit for his parts in Boston Legal, The Practice, TJ Hooker and Rescue 911. One of the first things I asked him was what he thought of Star Trek’s original cast and crew, in comparison with JJ Abrams’ and Chris Pine’s more recent interpretation. But I was shocked to hear he doesn’t like watching himself perform and has never seen in full any of the 79 episodes he starred in. William’s apparently up for a role in the next Star Trek movie, but doesn’t know what part he’ll play yet because it’s all being kept top-secret. In Dubai for Comic Con, William looks extremely good for an 84-year-old, and he’s totally switched on. The stories he has to tell are simply phenomenal, and after all these years he says he doesn’t tire of meeting fans. This guy is truly a class act!

What a star!

Gillian Anderson was at Comic Con

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