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I stuffed myself on Dubai's best breakfasts!
ByKris FadeThursday , 09 April 2015

With the schools in the UAE having a two-week break, I’ve been able to get back to my two little girls, Noushie and Kiki. I love spending time with these two rascals, so I took full advantage of their time off from education.

Because of my hectic work schedule, we weren’t able to go abroad for a holiday or anything, so instead we just decided to go for breakfast every day together and try out new places as well as some firm favourites. My daughters might be little, but trust me they can demolish the biggest plates of brekkie as though it’s nothing.

We went to McDonald’s on one of the days and they loved it, but what they really like is that freshly cooked grub down at Tom & Serg in Al Quoz. No matter how much I try and get them to try other places, they always ask me to take them back there. I think the fact that they can draw pictures at Tom & Serg too is a massive plus point for them, but I also like it there for the amazing coffee. After eating breakfast all over the city, I somehow managed to get sick and was rushed to hospital. Turns out I had food poisoning – I didn’t get it from Tom & Serg – and had to spend a whole day in hospital on a drip before being allowed to go home. I was gutted. Not only could I not play with my kids, but I also had to miss work. It was the first time I’ve ever called in sick, but Big Rossi and Priti did a great job of hosting the breakfast show without me.

By George, Philip’s Good!
I caught up with Philip George over the weekend when he played at Nasimi Beach and he really reminded me of a young Calvin Harris. I don’t just mean because he’s a DJ and produces similar-sounding music, but in his personality and attitude too. I remember meeting Cal way back when he was just starting out in the mainstream and his bright eyes and hunger stood out for me just like Philip’s. I’m sure this kid’s going to have a massive career ahead of him – and he loves a selfie too!

Kris's Mum

Gilda’s Life Lessons
Facing the facts...
Let’s face it, many of us aren’t too vigilant when it comes to skincare and tend to neglect our neck and chest, but spreading UV cream across these areas is very important, especially in a hot country like the UAE. At night apply more moisturiser in an upward motion and massage it into the skin. Try the ones containing hyaluronic acid, which promise instant skin-plumping and maximum hydration for women and men alike.

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