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Kris hangs out with Ed Sheeran and talks hot sauce!
ByKris FadeThursday , 12 March 2015

Have you ever hung out with your best friend and felt so comfortable that you could both just sit there in silence without feeling at all awkward? That’s the kind of feeling I got when I met Ed Sheeran. After being in this interview game for a while, I’ve had the pleasure of sitting down with some of the biggest names in music, but I have to say Ed was probably the best interview I’ve ever done. The guy is worth over $20 million and plays gigs all over the world, but to speak to him, he’s so down to Earth you’d never guess he was such a big deal. 

More than 12,500 people rocked up to see Ed at the sold-out show in Dubai Media City Amphitheatre, but he acted as though it was no big deal. He told me stories about Kanye West and Taylor Swift and was happy to sit in our dingy little room, chatting away. I was worried that because I’d been a massive fan of his for the past five years, I’d be disappointed once we finally met, but as it turned out it made me like the guy even more. One of the most interesting things he told me was that he became a solo artist because he was a shy kid who picked up his guitar and sang to himself to beat his nerves. Ed took that ideal into his UAE performance by getting onstage without a backing band and used just a looping pedal to wow the crowd. I’ve seen a lot of concerts in Dubai, but this ranks up there as one of the very best gigs I’ve watched here.

It’s no secret that Ed loves Nando’s, so Big Rossi, Priti and I took him to a local branch and sang him a Nando’s song we made up there and then! For the full interview, check out

Ed rocked his Dubai show

I sat down with Ed Sheeran!

Tune of the Week: Wish You Were Mine
Philip George

Genre: House

Who is Philip George? An up-and-coming British deep house DJ and producer.

Who wrote the track? The song was written by Philip and samples My Cherie Amour by Stevie Wonder.

What’s his biggest hit to date? Wish You Were Mine is his only charting single, but a track with crooner Sam Smith in the pipeline – and he thinks it’ll be a hit.

Random fact: After Stevie Wonder heard Wish You Were Mine, he invited Philip to be his guest at the Grammys earlier this year.

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