Catch Up with Kris Fade: It Keys to My Heart

02 Jul 2013

Kris is super excited about the arrival of Alicia Keys

I was excited to announce the news on the radio this week that Alicia Keys is heading to the UAE on 15 November! I have seen her perform live and she puts on an amazing show. It will be great for Dubai! There will also be a special guest, and I think I am as excited, if not more excited, about who that is! More will be revealed! Of course I hope to get to chat with her, and I’d like to know what she would incinerate given the chance, because of her hit Girl on Fire.

Meanwhile, also taking to the stage this week was producer Big Rossi! He headed to the Virgin Megastore to read stories to kids. Of course, myself and Priti Malik were there too, and decided to get him dressed up as The Cat in the Hat. It was really funny! He said it was the toughest crowd he’s had, but the kids loved him, as did the mums!

I’ve got a new addiction: Instagram video! It’s awesome and I have been posting loads of videos! Justin Bieber is loving it too. His videos are getting half a million likes. He made a really funny one of him singing I Will Always Love You with Scooter Braun. Check it out – and don’t forget to follow me @KrisFade and @virginvidoedxd as I’ll be posting from the studio!