Catch Up With Kris Fade: Mum's The Word!

Kris' parents visit this week, plus his mum interviews David Guetta
Wednesday , 15 May 2013
Catch Up With Kris Fade: Mum's The Word!
David Guetta

I’ve had man flu (there’s no cure, don’t you know), but don’t worry, I’ve managed to drag myself out of bed! I am still recovering from the craziness of Justin Bieber’s epic visit last week – did you hear when I met him backstage he asked for my wife’s phone number, before realizing she was my wife? He later apologized though!

This week I had an equally important pair of stars in town – my mum and dad who were visiting from Oz! I made them earn their keep though. My mum Gilda did a spot of interviewing for me. She chatted to DJ David Guetta ahead of his gig at Live@Atlantis. He loved it and so did she. Especially when her first question was: “Who are you and what do you do,” and the second was “So you’re a DJ - do you do weddings?


She was also thrilled to meet former Desperate Housewives and Dallas star Jessie Metcalf who was still in town on holiday. She said he was a very sweet young man. My dad George wasn’t so happy!

Next week get all my goss on my big boss, Sir Richard Branson’s visit!

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