Cat shot with a BOW AND ARROW in Abu Dhabi!

How can anyone be so cruel?
ByAriel Robinson Monday , 18 May 2015
Cat shot with a BOW AND ARROW in Abu Dhabi!
Cat is shot with a bow and arrow in Abu Dhabi

Cat-lovers, look away now. On Friday night Abu Dhabi resident Adele Bezuidenhout’s 10-month-old Arabian Mau cat Jack was shot with a bow and arrow.

Jack wandered into a neighbour’s house after the attack happened where he collapsed in their living room. He was immediately rushed to the Australian Veterinary Hospital for treatment.

The pet owner told 7Days newspaper: “I spoke to a man from the national archery federation who said the strength of the arrow meant it had to be a strong bow and only an adult could have done it…the other scary part is it has to be one of my neighbours.”

According to the 7Days, Jack was taken to hospital where he was placed on intravenous fluids and put under a general anesthetic in order to remove part of the arrow. Radiographs revealed the arrow had cursed the fifth spinous process of the vertebrae. He was stitched up with two drains in his wounds and is currently on three types of antibiotics and pain medication. Jack’s treatment cost a whopping Dhs2,300.

Adele took to Facebook to update worried citizens saying: “Jack is sleeping soundly in his bed at home…he is in a lot of pain…I thank you all kindly for all your support”.

An official at Khalifa City A Police Station confirmed that they had received a complaint about the incident and would investigate the matter after receiving a full statement. We just hope that the attacker is caught and we wish Jack has a speedy recovery.

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