Cartier Adds a Touch of Class to Art Dubai

Cartier Adds a Touch of Class to Art Dubai

16 Mar 2014

Head to Dubai's cultural quarter to catch Cartier's exhibit of miniature urban landscapes

Art Dubai is back – and this four-day festival for lovers of all things arty has something for everyone.

One exhibit that’s worth a look is the miniature city created by Congolese artist Bodys Isek Kingelez.

Using cardboard and salvaged scrap materials, he creates individual buildings which he then arranges into cities, urban spaces drawn entirely from his imagination.

Kingelez has been working alongside luxury jeweller Cartier for a number of years, and his work will be shown alongside The White City, which was built by Cartier to promote its L’Odyssée de Cartier jewellery line.

Urban landscapes,a  key source of inspiration for Kingelez, has also influenced jewellery designs at Maison Cartier, reflected in its use of clean lines and geometric shapes in the L’Odyssée de Cartier, Parcours d’un style Collection, which features more than 80 pieces.

INFO: Maman Isek Mabo Bendele will be on show throughout Art Dubai, which runs from 19 to 22 March 2014. See for the full schedule of events