Carrey bares all on Letterman

Comedian comes to the set wearing just a robe, socks and slippers
Wednesday , 12 March 2008
Carrey bares all on Letterman

JIM CARREY shocked fans on DAVID LETTERMAN's late night talk show on Monday, when he showed up in a bathrobe and then stripped naked.

The comedian performed a skit pretending he'd forgotten about the switch to daylight saving time on Saturday night, and was being massaged in his hotel, when he should have been on the show.

After dashing onto the set wearing just a robe, socks and slippers, Carrey told Letterman, "I was at a spa at the hotel. I was in the middle of an incredible massage. Then Svetlana started talking about daylight saving time. I immediately went flaccid and I ran right over here."

He then hid behind a chair, stripped down to nothing and got dressed in clothes handed to him by an assistant called Lance.

Carrey also produced a prop gun he told the host was for scaring paparazzi photographers: "I'm not a very good shot. It's really about the paparazzi. Once you start waving that about..."

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