Carrefour is turning up the ante on environmental conservation

Carrefour is turning up the ante on environmental conservation

12 Sep 2019

A new scheme allows customers to refill laundry and cleaning lotions instead of discarding the used containers

Supermarket Carrefour has set up their first few refill station in malls across Dubai and it might be the next big thing.

The scheme focuses on reducing prices for shoppers by collecting, cleaning and refilling empty product containers in order reduce plastic waste.

The supermarket chain also allows customers to bring in their own refillable containers in order to fill in the products.

If the scheme deems to be successful, we could be looking at refilling food items and other amenities in aluminium and glass bottles in the near future with the rising rates of climate change eating away our planet.

The idea, which was unveiled at the World Economic Forum in Davos earlier this year, focuses on initially implying the scheme to a limited number of products such as toiletries and small-scale food items.

Could refill stations, metal straws and jute bags give birth to environmental avengers in order to fight off climate change?