Caroline Stanbury

The stylish star of UK reality TV series Ladies of London, who’s made the move to Dubai
Thursday , 29 March 2018
Caroline Stanbury
Caroline Stanbury
  • I am currently working with property developers for show houses, developing their properties, doing total refurbishments and interiors with my business partner Kate, and building our company Blush.
  • My biggest achievement in the past year has been moving to Dubai and settling my whole family so quickly and really feeling at home here. I have met some amazing people and had some amazing experiences.
  • The UAE has become special to me because I have been welcomed in the most amazing way.
  • My work inspires me. If you are doing something that you love you generally feel like you never have to work a day in your life.
  • I look up to my girlfriends who I have grown up with and have seen them juggle family life, business and relationships – it’s hard. In Dubai I really look up to Carla DiBello and Louise Tabbiner, who has just hosted the Milken Institute. Women like them inspire me to get out of bed each day and work hard.
  • This year I want to really focus my energy into my business in Dubai. I think when I first moved I had one foot in America and one foot in Dubai, and I’ve realised if I really focus here then this really is a land of opportunity and my business can really flourish. I’ve only just started, so watch this space.