Carole Middleton Cashes In!

Middleton matriarch launches baby range following the Duchess of Cambridge's baby news
Tuesday , 08 January 2013
“I know, darling! Amazing idea, yah?”
“I know, darling! Amazing idea, yah?”
“We need to talk about your mother”
“We need to talk about your mother”

K-Middy’s mum Carole is apparently cashing in on the embryo to the throne by launching an online baby range. Brilliant! “Only weeks after the official announcement that the Duchess of Cambridge is expecting her first child, her parents are promoting a range of baby goods on their party supplies website,” crowed the Daily Mail. The paper added, “The ‘Little Prince’ and ‘Little Princess’ party packs are described as suitable for American-style baby showers, christening parties or first birthday celebrations. Each pack – advertised on the Party Pieces website as ‘new’ – includes paper cups, napkins and plastic cutlery. They also include paper plates decorated with a pink or blue crown and the words ‘a new little prince’ or ‘a new little princess’.” So classy, Cazza. Respect.

But not everyone’s as supportive as we are. According to TMZ the pieces have been described as “tacky, tasteless and vulgar”. Surely not. Royal critic Michael Thorton sniped, “From what I know of William and Kate, I would expect them to be highly embarrassed. It would appear the arrival of their first grandchild has been seen by Kate’s parents as a marvellous business opportunity. Let me be frank: this money-making ploy on the part of the already wealthy Middletons brings a shudder of distaste and unease to all those who admire their royal daughter.” Whatevs, Mike, we want some of this memorabilia for Ahlan! HQ. Any chance of a discount, Carole?

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