carmen electra baywatch lie

Carmen Electra Lied To Get The Baywatch Job

04 Dec 2018

We've all been there, babe

We have all been there... embellishing on your CV a little to get the job, only to get caught out in the office. 

Well, it turns out it happens to celebs too!  

Carmen Electra has just admitted to lying to Batwatch bosses about her swimming skills when she showed up to audition for the surf soap.

The former model, who portrayed Lani McKenzie on the hit show in the late 1990s, reveals she only got the role after assuring producers she had a breaststroke to die for.

"They said, 'Can you swim?' and I said, 'Of course I can swim'," she tells Access Live. "I swim like this (holds her nose).

"I didn't know at the Baywatch office they actually have a swimming pool, so I was tested that day. I stood on the edge of the pool, said a prayer and remembered everything everyone told me about not getting water up my nose. I'm a dancer, so I tried to do a beautiful dive into the water... and I just started pretending I was saving lives... and I came up out of the water and I got the job." 

Kudos, Carmen, kudos...