Carla Bruni and Owen Wilson listen in to Woody's instructions

Carla Bruni-Sarkozy the actress

27 Jul 2010

She’s started filming Woody Allen’s new film with Owen Wilson

The French First Lady and former model, Carla Bruni-Sarkozyhas stepped up to the challenge to play a cameo role in Woody Allen’s new film Paris in Midnight. She was first approached by the famed director back in 2009 who then had to get approval from her husband, Nicolas Sarkozy. But it seems all went well in the meeting because Carla stepped in front of cameras on Tuesday (July 27).

The French First Lady was spotted with Owen Wilsonshooting the film near the Pantheon, a famous Parisian landmark. The source reported to that "Carla and Woody got along incredibly well on the set. They talked constantly and laughed quite a lot between takes. Owen as well."

Let’s just hope their off screen chemistry is as fabulous on screen too. No news has been revealed on a release date yet.

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