Carine Abboud

The marketing guru who’s upping the ante in the glamour stakes
ByJasmine BandaliSaturday , 01 March 2014
Carine Abboud
© ITP Images
Ten years from now… I see myself owning a well-established fashion line. It’s been a dream of mine since forever

As Group Marketing Manager for the Pragma Group, she oversees the marketing and international expansion of at least 10 companies within the firm. The driving force behind the launch of Cavalli Club, among other hospitality and entertainment concepts, Carine swiftly proved she could be relied upon to make any venture go off with a bang. 

The success of her professional career, combined with her undeniable good looks – she’s a former model – and impeccable dress sense paved the way for additional opportunities on the fashion scene last year, when Dubai’s beautiful people tuned in to her guest segment on the Sayidaty TV show to emulate her style. The slot pulled in the viewers, and was soon followed by another series, Carine’s Closet, shown on online TV channel – some Arab celebrities were so impressed by what they saw they hired her as a stylist. Having found her fashion niche, Carine’s now busily preparing her own jewellery line – fitting for the woman who seems to have the Midas touch.