Careem Strives to Empower Employees

Careem Strives to Empower Employees

15 Mar 2017

The company has launched a program to promote happiness

We've all heard of Careem, the Dubai-based app providing transport all around the country. It's expanded exponentially over the past few years, operating in most of the Middle East!

Now, the company has announced a new initiative for its drivers, also known as captains. Titled Super Captains, the scheme is designed to promote happiness amongst the workforce, along with providing captains with further opportunities to both earn and mentor. The scheme is in line with the UAE Cabinet’s National Programme for Happiness and Positivity.

This new programme is part of Careem’s ongoing commitment to creating a happier workforce for its employees. By selecting a top tier of captains, known as Super Captains, the organization aims to increase morale and ambition within its workforce. There are currently 36 Super Captains at Careem, and the company is rewarding them for their loyalty, exceptional customer service and performance.

These Captains are a class apart, they have higher earning potential and opportunities, which will help them fulfil their wider career and life goals. They will also become mentors for junior team members, helping them progress in their career at Careem.

The Super Captains will also receive the results of Careem’s monthly happiness survey that goes to its 3,200 Captains in the UAE. They will make suggestions to ensure continual improvements are made for a happier and more fulfilled working environment. 

Commenting on this exciting new initiative, Faraz Syed, Managing Director of Careem UAE said: “At Careem, we believe in developing and mentoring our workforce to get the best out of our team. The Super Captains initiative is part of our ongoing commitment to recognise loyalty and performance."

“We have selected our top Captains to become ambassadors for our brand and help them not only increase their earning potential, but also give them access to a variety of incentives such as free car services, gym memberships and travel vouchers."

“We very much look forward to driving this scheme forward and opening it up to our 3,200 Captains to provide further opportunity for our colleagues and empowering them to achieve their life goals.”

Muhammed Zafar, one of Careem’s first Super Captains said:  "I’ve always loved working for Careem so it really means a lot to me to become a Super Captain.  Careem always listens to our feedback and is supportive in every way, so it encourages me to really raise the standards of our customer service and I look forward to passing on my skills to other Captains and helping them grown in my new role. 

"Before I worked with Careem I always worried about my children's education, but I have now been able to put my three children through school.  I was also able to buy a home for my family, and without Careem this wouldn’t have been possible. Quite simply, my life before Careem was a struggle, and now it is full of opportunity and I’m excited for my future.” 

We think the Super Captains programme is a great initiative by Careem! It's refreshing to see a company that cares so deeply for its employees.