Cardi B clapped back at lawyer for judging her court attire

Cardi B clapped back at lawyer for judging her court attire

16 Jul 2019

Tell ‘em girl!

Cardi B hit back at a law prosecutor for slamming the outfits she has been wearing to court. Cardi made a point of dressing well in designer gear every time she appeared in court to fight two barmaids' claims she assaulted them at a strip club in New York City last year, and her attire has caught the eye of prosecuting lawyer Joe Tacopina, who took offense, claiming she looks like she is attending "a runway show".

"Here’s a woman who got indicted by a grand jury with felony charges, and appears to only be concerned about what she’s wearing," the celebrity defence attorney told the New York Post. "There’s going to be a ‘Come to Jesus’ moment with her, because it’s not consistent with someone who’s taking this seriously."

Cardi, who is fighting two felony counts and 10 other lesser charges for the alleged club brawl, responded to the lawyer's comments, insisting she dresses appropriately for the courthouse visits.

Furious with this comment, Cardi took her anger to the ‘Gram where she posted a series of now deleted video calling out the lawyer ranting "I don’t dress inappropriate when I go to court. I dress like a young lady … Where am I supposed to get my suits from, H&M? Why are you worried about the way I dress?"

She insists she isn't always in fancy attire at hearings, and accused the lawyer of trying to grab headlines with his incendiary style statements.

"That just goes to show you that y'all do all this for press. I went to court six times already for a misdemeanour," Cardi exclaimed. "There was one time I went to court with no makeup on. Just ChapStick."