The one with actual needles!
Monday , 25 April 2011
The Eternel MedSpa reception
The Eternel MedSpa reception

Best for: Cellulite that just won't budge

Duration: 40 minutes per session.

Sessions required: A minimum of three sessions is advised to start seeing results.

Price: Dhs600 per session.

Do it at: The Eternel Med Spa is Dhs600 per session.

It all started nicely with a consultation with the therapist who assessed my cellulite to work out how many treatments I’d need. So far; so pleasant. But the treatment took a swift turn as I spent the next half hour laying on my front while my upper thighs and bottom were injected with carbon dioxide for about 20 seconds each time – that’s 20 times on each side of my body! Apparently, the gas dissolves fat cells and dilates the capillaries, which increases oxygen flow to the area, eliminating built-up fluid. I’m pretty brave, but it did feel uncomfortable (and embarrassing!). It’s not the right treatment if you’re afraid of needles, but if you do continue your sessions, expect to see an improvement in dimples after your third go. Thankfully, I didn’t bruise afterwards, which is a miracle considering my bum was used as a pin cushion.