TAG Heuer- Cara Delevingne, Catwalking With A Lion

Cara Delevingne Gets Wild Backlash

05 Feb 2015

The model was attacked for posing with lion cubs

Cara Delevingne has been making waves once again, but this time at least it’s her work in front of the camera that’s causing controversy. The 22-year-old It girl has fallen foul of animal rights activists for posing with some lions and now her critics have got their claws out!

When Cara was unveiled as the new face of Tag Heuer, the watch brand drafted in some cute lion cubs to star alongside the model in its latest campaign. Delevingne is a massive fan of the big cat and even has some body art of a lion’s head on her finger, so she jumped at the chance to work with her favourite animal. 

Sharing a behind-the-scenes snap of herself with a cub clawing at her neck, she wrote on Instagram: “I can’t always contain my inner animal.” But the adorable picture sparked a major backlash, with fans attacking the model and some calling her a “cruel stupid little girl” who had “ripped a cub away from its mother”. 

Wildlife expert Dr Neil D’Cruze also laid the boot in, telling newspaper the Daily Mail: “Lion cubs are not photo props. Their health and wellbeing should not be compromised.

“They belong in the wild, not draped over a celebrity just to sell a designer watch.”

He added: “I’m sure the advertisers would think twice about the commercial use of wild animals if they were aware of the suffering involved behind the scenes.”